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If you are seeking help or are looking for a teacher to aid in your understanding of science, you have come to the right place!

YourScienceTeacher.com adds live, real-time interactive possibilities for students offering science and other subject help at convenient times for anyone who wants it, no matter the school or your location.

Tutoring sessions take place in our online classroom:

  • No chauffeuring needed
  • No arranging out-of-the-way meeting places
  • Students participate from the comfort and security of their own home
  • Its easier to share and work through problems, graph solutions
  • Homework can get done more quickly.
  • Especially beneficial for students homebound due to illness or injury

Typically, we'll cover most sciences for students in middle school through high school, including Physics, Earth Science and Biology. (Subject tutoring in other areas may be possible; please contact us for additional information.) You can sign up for a single session or design a sequence of sessions -- the length is up to you -- whatever best suits your needs.

The original idea behind what has become a companion site, www.MySci.net was to make syllabi, notes, examples, sample problems and labs  available to the students from one particular high school. Since that time, everything has changed and this information is now available to both students and teachers from any school, at any location!

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